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AC Repair Services in Lahore PK

Lahore AC Services Team responsibly undertakes the repair of your air conditioner having the experience and the appropriate technical training in all brands of air conditioning units regardless of the year and type. Air conditioner breakdowns are almost always an unpleasant situation, especially when they happen during times when the need for air conditioning is high. Vulnerable groups, families with young children, businesses and special places are in a vulnerable position when the air conditioner underperforms or doesn't work at all.

Understanding the difficulty of each situation, we always prioritize your air conditioner breakdowns with the goal of immediate restoration of the damage at the lowest possible cost. Our technicians have exhausted every AC repair possibility before reaching the conclusion that a part needs replacement.

In recent years, due to consumer sentiment, when an appliance breaks down our first thought is to replace it immediately. In some cases this thought is correct, but in the case of air conditioning it is usually impulsive and ultimately wrong. The cost of most repairs is no more than 1/5 of the cost of a new air conditioner. To be sure, it's worth giving a technical assessment a chance before replacing your unit.

See below for the most common breakdowns seen in air conditioners.

It is Not Working

When a unit doesn't respond the problem is usually electronic. After making sure that the controller or power supply (outlet or fuse) is not to blame, our technicians then proceed to check the air conditioner's circuit board. Six out of ten boards that have a problem are repairable.


Power outages or in some cases sudden voltage changes can damage the electronic boards of our appliances. We recommend that in the event of an accidental power outage, you turn off the master switch on your power board and turn it on when you are sure the power has been restored.

AC repair services Lahore

It does not perform

This is a general concept that is often expressed as a complaint by our customers. When an air conditioner doesn't perform it can mean a lot of things. It can be related to a refrigerant (Freon) leak, electronic board failure or possible compressor malfunction. In this case, a AC technician's diagnosis is essential.

Dripping Water Inside the Room

In this case, first stop the air conditioner and unplug it or remove the fuse from the electrical panel of the house. This malfunction is quite common, as the air conditioner's drainage system can become clogged externally by dirt or wasp nests or internally by dust and mold that usually builds up on unmaintained machines.


If you have placed the air conditioner drain that is on your balcony inside a water collection container, remove it and empty the container if it is full. Perhaps, this way you will solve the problem.

It makes noise

Air conditioner noise is caused by two things. The first is that some resonance is created in the plastics or sheet metal due to contraction - expansion. The second is mechanical noise, possibly from the compressor or fan bearings.

Smells unpleasant when it is turned on

The only way to solve this problem is Biological Cleaning combined with replacement or re-installation of Special Filters.

It does not perform as well as it used to

Here we have a more specific fault command.
The chances of refrigerant (Freon) leakage increase, of course there is also the case of compressor performance dropping due to age. The diagnosis of a technician in this case is also necessary. We would recommend not to operate the machine when it is underperforming.

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