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We are here bringing right solution to serve you better. Our range of services includes all Air condition Works. We do all kind of AC works, AC maintenance, AC Repair, AC Installation, AC services, Refrigerator Repair, Washing Machine Repair and Home Appliances Repair. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee may just be the most iron-clad Satisfaction Guarantee you’ll ever see, anywhere, in any home service industry.

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AC Fitting

The Lahore Services can provide truly affordable and competitive AC installation, and AC Fitting in lahore. It is an air conditioner doorstep repairs service and installs all types of AC at your window. Split AC installation, Reconnect AC Installation, Croma AC Installation in Islamabad, Samsung AC Installation in Islamabad, LG AC Installation in Lahore.

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AC Gas Filling

Providing you AC Gas Refilling Lahore, When you are living in the hot city like Lahore then Air conditioner is must thing that should be at your place. You should have to get the AC Gas refill in 1 or 2 years, but it depends on how your AC is cooling. It would be best unless the refrigerant leak in you AC or when AC is not cooling.

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AC Repairing

Our team is the one you can rely on to get things done for all your air conditioner problems, regardless of the unit type, make, and model. If you suspect something in your AC, we would be more than happy to provide you with free diagnostics. Our expert, AC repair technicians will perform inspection and diagnose the damage.

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AC Service

Call us for your AC Servicing & Cleaning Service. Lahore services amd Maintenance is a Lahore based company. We are specialized in AC repair, Servicing, maintenance, supply and installation across Lahore and near areas With a team of technicians on the road and with extensive experience in the AC servicing.

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AC Maintenance

Each and every air conditioner need servicing & Cleaning. The filter in a central air conditioner should never be allowed to get dirty enough to impede air flow, as this could cause damage to the unit. The condenser should be cleaned by a professional every 3 months, or even two months in dusty locations.

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AC Copper Pipe Repair

You should repair any copper pipe that is showing signs of damage, deterioration or repair, regardless of its age. If your water is chronically acidic, copper piping might not be the best choice for your home. If you want to know more about our copper tube or brass tube price please feel free to Call us.

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AC Copper Pipe Change

As we know, manufacturers have their own assembly criteria for each product.Therefore, when installing or replacing new air conditioners, it is best to replace copper pipes to match the air conditioner used. If you choose the wrong copper pipe, you may encounter many problems such as: Air conditioner, running wrong performance and life of the AC.

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Washing Machine

Home appliances are the main enabler of our own personal comfort at home. From dishwashers to washing machines, water heaters to fridges, these appliances can take care us. When they break down, it becomes clear how much we rely on them. Instead of trying to deal with the mess, call Lahor services for Washing Machine repair.

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Fridge Repair

We offer the best refrigerator repair service at Lahore to offer the best price with genuine part at doorstep solution. The most affordable Fridge repair in Lahore. We provide same-day Fridge repair service, Freezer repair in Lahore, Deep Freezer repair, Refrigerator repair in Lahore, Whirlpool Refrigerator repair in Lahore.

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Happy Customers

AC Installation, Maintenance, Repairing , Washing machine and Fridge Services Reviews in Lahore

Got my AC installed by them, they did a fine job and were careful. They follow the proper procedure, and they are thorough checking for leaks etc. So far i have not ran the AC much but i think it's fine installation. They also did minor repair work in my older AC. I am satisfied with the work so far by Lahore services. They are amazing.

Muhammad Yawar

(Sales Agent)

I got my AC installed from them. They are the most professional guys I've ever seen. They used a proper vacuum pump (instead of juggaar type fridge compressor vacuum pump) to install. Indoor and outdoor units were installed with proper measurements and angles. Highly recommended mechanics.

Khawar Khan


I needed much ac maintenence done. I needed, cleaning, filling of gas, shifting the outside unit to the roof. I messaged for a quote and withing minutes I booked an appointment for the next day. They were on time, polite, professional, and did a Masha Allah fantastic job. Recommend them!!!!! Bohot shukria

Sarah Asghar

(Content Writer)

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